What are you looking for?

We may be able to provide you with the management support you are looking for. If you want a quick turnaround on a short term engagement on a specific topic we may be able to help you. No need for a long-term engagement, it only needs to be long enough to fulfill the agreed deliverables.

You may want help with one of the following:

  • Understanding a new hardware, software or process topic.
  • Producing a high level program of work comprising of several infrastructure projects.
  • Identifying cost savings you can make on software licensing.
  • Improving the value of software you already have by looking at how it can be better exploited.
  • Understanding more about technical issues from a management perspective.

Click this link to look at our Focus Services page.  If there is a Focus Service you would like to discuss please select the appropriate Focus Service page and fill in the contact information. However, if there is a topic that you would like to discuss but it is not shown on the Focus Services page then please follow this Contact link and we will be in touch with you.

Do you fit into one of the manager profiles listed below?

New manager

You have taken up a team lead, or management position responsible for a part or whole of the mainframe infrastructure environments. If you have come from a distributed background and are unfamiliar with the mainframe you may be unfamiliar with the terminology and how the mainframe and applications “hang together”. You would appreciate an overview of the mainframe environment and the areas to address as a manager.

Experienced Manager

You are an experienced manager but would appreciate an update on the “new mainframes” and their capabilities. The continuous development programs frequently add new functionality and you are unsure if you have all the current information you need to make business influencing decisions. You would appreciate a management program that keeps you up to date with the latest developments and outline the approach a manager could take to understand the developments and include them into your strategy.

Future Manager

You would like to take your first steps into management of a mainframe environment and make a difference. You may be technical and want to add management skills to your personal portfolio to improve your chances of landing that first management position.

Business Manager Transition

Maybe you already are a business manager in your company and would like to make the transition into IT as a mainframe infrastructure manager but perhaps feel a little apprehensive. You can increase your confidence by undergoing a program that will strengthen your IT knowledge and hone your existing  management skills into solid IT management practices.

Mainframe Management Graduate

You might be someone who has just left university and have never experienced the “real world” and all its challenges. What are the challenges that you will face? Where can you find useful and practical support? You feel you would benefit from an overview of the mainframe environment helping you to decide where you can put your skills to good use.

Development Manager

If you are in a team lead or management role within the application development department and would like to understand more about the mainframe infrastructure, a program/workshop to help provide an overview of the infrastructure. Particular focus on areas were the infrastructure and application development areas might be improved to speed up the application development by reducing the processing effort required by infrastructure.

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