Focus Services

Focus your needs

If you are looking for a specific short, sharp, and effective engagement with a specific deliverable, we offer our range of Focus Services designed to be undertaken within 1 – 3 weeks and delivering a specific result.  The benefit for you is that you get what you want when you want it. No need for long drawn out engagements – the Focus Services is an agile engagement designed to provide you with what you need at the earliest opportunity.

The Focus Services can be tuned to 3 levels:

The Management level is for managers who would like to use the service to produce management deliverables on a specific topic to initially assess their options before pursuing it further. Examples would be a review of an existing processes, practices, or increasing provisioning efficiency by introducing an internal cloud.

The Architect level covers more detailed planning and perhaps configurations of hardware, software, and procedures that form an infrastructure related solution. Examples might include defining a new hardware and software solution to improve performance, or perhaps a new approach to managing storage to improve device utilisation and data set access.

The Technician level aims to assist in working with your technicians to determine how a solution might be deployed, supported, and exploit new functionality. Examples could include exploiting new functionality within a new release of software, or redefining provisioning processes.

The 3 steps of a Focus Service

  1. You tell us what you want and when you want it.
  2. We agree the scope and  availability of resources.
  3. The engagement begins.

Why use a Focus Service?

You may require a quick turnaround on a very niche or specific topic. You might choose an engagement of 1 week (depending on topic and complexity) to produce initial findings before deciding to pursue the initiative further or to defer it. If you wish to pursue the topic you can schedule a second Focus Service to expand further at the Management level or progress to the Architect level for a solution plan and Technical level for deployment preparation and implementation.

Current Focus Services

The  Focus Services listed below are currently in place. Click the one you are interested to be directed to the appropriate page.