Creating and managing your capacity plan

How much?

Whether you are increasing or decreasing your mainframe, your capacity plan helps to protect your business applications’ resource availability and performance. External circumstances can change your needs and affect your plan. We can help you through our Creating and Managing your Capacity Plan Focus Service.

Make a difference

The Creating and Managing your Capacity Plan Focus Service assists you in the capacity plan creation and can help you define procedures for you to manage your capacity plan. Typically you would like to see an ongoing  cycle broken down into segments that are easy to understand, and a management process that is flexible and practical in changing the plan as new situations arise. Optimise your resources to protect availability and performance levels while increasing efficiency. Flexibility is key in both creating the plan and in managing the plan.

Options must be available to accommodate changes in circumstances and direction. Management of the plan is key to effect any changes to protect your services and to keep costs in-line with your budgets.

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