Infrastructure Projects Set Up

Managing Infrastructure Activities

Keeping on top of tracking mainframe infrastructure activities is a challenge. A real challenge! The infrastructure’s pivotal position within your business or organization means fingers in all pies.  If you would like to make your infrastructure more accountable, we may be able to help you.

The Infrastructure Project Set Up Focus Service offering aims to help align your infrastructure activities to your business and to recognized structures within IT. A project based approach will help you to identify, prioritise, monitor, and report your on infrastructure for whatever period you choose. A simple high level status and plan can be put into place to ease the management of a program of work.

You may currently have a set project mechanism and standards in place, that is okay, we can work along with that.  If not, then we can give you a simple and effective structure as part of this Focus Service.

Make a difference

Your infrastructure activities may not have their value fully recognised because they are bundled as part of a support overhead and therefore not obviously visible to the business or other IT departments. This situation can lead to a lack of investment in your infrastructure because the value is unseen. However, if you can turn some of those activities into key infrastructure flagships, then their value can be promoted so that the business can recognize their contribution and realise how crucial your infrastructure is and what a key role it plays within the business.

Take that first step

You can start to make that difference right now by contacting us to share your initial thoughts and we can discuss where we can help you.

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