Mainframe Sub-Capacity Licensing Costs

Can you have more for less?

Is it possible for you to reduce your mainframe software costs and maintain or better still, improve your capacity efficiency?

The Mainframe Sub-Capacity Licensing Costs Focus Service investigates your current software deployment, resource utilisation, and existing costs to determine if your mainframe infrastructure is giving you the value for money you would like. In addition, the process for submitting sub-capacity reports is examined and suggestions made where necessary. Together we would validate the existing software portfolio.

Once the software portfolio is validated, the next step is to explore what changes could be made to improve the value for money. This step will require an investigation into the technical, operational, and business aspects of the current situation.

Make a difference

It is likely that there may be more than one change to be made.  The final step of the engagement will be to agree a plan of action, document the plan, and pass it to you for implementation.

The plan may be divided into phases. Your staff can implement the plan or you may wish to have our help to implement one or more phases. We can provide an additional service to help you with this based on a time and materials basis.

Take that first step

You can start to make that difference right now by contacting us to share your initial thoughts and we can discuss where we can help you.

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